President’s Welcome

Welcome to UCLA’s Bruin Sports Business Association! I’m so happy you found us here, but wish we were able to be meeting in person. Regardless, let me introduce myself: I’m Christina Chenault, the President and Founder of BSBA. As a new graduate student & athlete at UCLA, founder of a sports media platform (@topfivemedia), and a former Marketing intern at Nike and Under Armour, I’m here to share all the tips and lessons I’ve learned about working in the sports industry. The biggest part: Networking! At BSBA, we bring in guest speakers from all over the sports industry including business, media, law, and even professional athletes themselves…you name it! We all just like talking and learning about sports!

We feel blessed to study at UCLA, the number one public university in the world, and live in Los Angeles, the sports capital of the world. However, we quickly became aware that UCLA does not provide majors, minors, or any additional curriculum catered towards careers in sports. Our goal as a club is to create a space in which students can work towards careers in the sports industry.


Christina Chenault





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