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What is BSBA?

BSBA is a non-profit UCLA organization that intends to help prepare undergraduates to become working professionals in the sports industry. We aim to do this by exposing students to a network of alumni and industry professionals through a speaker series, share recipes for success through professional development workshops and bridge the gap of connectivity between students and student-athletes through networking socials.

Our Gameplan

The Bruin Sports Business Association was created as a space for you to get connected with the knowledge, people, and companies that can prepare you for a career in sports after college.



Packed with the first-hand experience, our workshops will strengthen your understanding of the industry and prepare you for your future career all while fine-tuning your resume, interview, and an assortment of other necessary professional skills.


Guest Speakers

Our impressive selection of guest speakers provides you with direct insight into the sports industry and a glimpse into front offices and boardrooms of top-tier athletic franchises and companies. Each speaker delves deep into their background and pathway to success, while also providing you the necessary advice, tips, and tricks that they have picked up along the way. 


Field Trips

Explore and learn from elite sports companies on club-wide field trips to witness the day-to-day work of their employees, learn from and connect with established professionals, and have a memorable experience alongside your peers. (Once it is safe to do so, of course)


Debates, Trivia, and Socials

Calling all sports fans! Relax and unwind through our enthusiastically competitive sports debates, trivia, and socials. Enjoy discussing and debating about all hot sports topics, answering fun trivia questions for real prizes, and getting to know the other club mates and sports fans at UCLA.


Case Competitions

Compete in groups with your peers to find the best possible solutions to various sports business situations for exciting rewards.


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