Past Presidents

Anthony Waller
President 2022-2023

Anthony started out as an event coordinator in BSBA before becoming president the next year. He is formerly a kicker for the UCLA Football team and is now the co-founder of Athlete to Athlete, an organization with athletic mentorship and coaching designed for young athletes.


Collin Flintoft
President 2021-2022

Collin started out his time as BSBA as a general member but very quickly worked his way up to becoming president of the organization. He quickly scaled the ranks, serving as Director of Business Administration to Vice President. He is formerly a kicker for the UCLA Football team and will be an incoming Sales Development Represetative at Tanium post graduation. 

Christina Chenault
President 2019-2021

Christina is one of the original co-founders of BSBA, investing a lot of effort to grow the sports business community at UCLA. Without her guidance and perseverance, BSBA would not be here today. She is a former heptathlete for the UCLA Track and Field team. Currently she is working with Nike as a Consumer Direct Marketing Specialist. 

Past leadership





Executive Board



President: Anthony Waller

VP Business Administration: Arnav Talukder

VP Public Relations: Owen Pallenberg

Director of public relations: Caroline Flintoft

Director of business administration: Gavin Paisley

Treasurer and alumni relations manager: Andrew Brown

Event coordinators: Brent Malde, Krish Methi, Emily Wiggins

website manager: Tom Tran

social media Coordinator: Kyle Plat

Strategic Marketing manager: Genevieve Trimbell

Journalists: Ashley Hernandez, Tania, Ramirez

Video Editor: Dominic Choi

project manager: Jake Kagnoff



Executive Board



President: Christina Chenault

VP Business Administration: Collin Flintoft

VP Public Relations: Hillary Phu

Director of public relations: Daniela Castro-Alvarez

Director of business administration: Nick Kahn

Treasurer: Jonny Dalsey

Event coordinators: Elysia Bolton, Jada Hart, Conner Wayne

website manager: Tom Tran

social media manager: Alana Donley

social media Coordinator: Caroline Flintoft

Strategic Marketing manager: Drew Arguelles

Journalist: Owen Pallenberg

project manager: Emily Honng



Executive Board



President: Collin Flintoft

VP Business Administration: Nick Kahn

VP Public Relations: Paul Diamantopoulos

Director of public relations: Alana Donley

Director of business administration: Connor Wayne

Treasurer and Alumni relations manager: jonny dalsey

Event coordinators: elysia bolton, anthony waller, arnav talukder

website manager: tom tran

social media manager: caroline flintoft

social media coordinator: kyle plat

Strategic Marketing manager: gavin paisley

Journalist: owen pallenberg

Video editor: dominic choi

Project manager: Jack Kagnoff

Co-Founders and co-presidents




Christina Chenault

Jasmine Gray

Chloe Jenkins

Amol Sachdeva





Christina Chenault

Isaiah Holmes

Sean Panado